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What is your opinion about cesarean births?

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Last week we reported a study showing that babies born by cesarean section may suffer permanent genetic disadvantages compared with babies who are born through vaginal delivery. (This occurs mostly because the stress of vaginal delivery activates some beneficial genes in the baby being born.)

We posted this on our Facebook fanpage, and received  a tremendous audience reaction. Apparently this subject is of importance to many of our readers, and we would like to know your opinion on the subject. In the right column you can see our new poll question, and we encourage you to participate:

Brazil leads the world in rate of cesarean section births. For you, which of the following are true? (choose one or more):

—For my baby, I would choose (or chose) cesarean section

—For my baby, I would choose (or chose) vaginal delivery

—The percentage of cesarean sections is so high because many mothers really prefer it

—The percentage is so high because doctors influence the mothers to have cesarean sections

—Other opinion (can leave comment)

Results of our last poll

In our last poll, our question was: What is your opinion about the doctors in Brazil? The large majority of voters (73%) believe there is a big difference between the various doctors in the country; some are much more qualified than others. Seven percent felt that doctors finish school with about the same level of proficiency.

Twenty percent of the voters had another opinion, and here are some of the recent responses left by readers:

—I am always distrustful how much the pharmaceutical industry can influence things

—I believe doctors are under-valued

—They are irresponsible, greedy, uncaring, proud, and petulant

—I believe the pressure to publish [research] compromises their quality


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