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The future of medical records; and latest poll results

Very likely within the next ten years, most Brazilian doctors will change from keeping their patients’ medical records on paper, to an electronic health records system. In the EHR (“electronic health records”) system, doctors will enter your history, examination and lab tests, and diagnosis, directly into a desktop or tablet computer.

For the doctor, the paper medical record will go the same route as the camera. Medical records kept on paper will someday be as rare as a film camera.

This move to electronic records has already, in the USA, become a common phenomenon, but really only in the past 4 years. In 2008, there only 9 percent of hospitals and 17 percent of doctors were using an advanced EHR system, but by 2012, tover 50% of doctors and over 80% of hospitals were using an advanced EHR.

EHR systems are promoted as a way for medicine to become more efficient and cost-effective, and allow better sharing of patient information between doctors and hospitals, among other benefits.

But are doctors who have adopted EHR been happy with their systems? A study commissioned by the American Medical Association last year, carried out by the Rand Corporation, found a high degree of dissatisfaction by the US doctors with their current EHR systems.

The research showed that doctors realized the importance and inevitability of EHR, but most felt their current systems were unsatisfactory. They believed their EHR were not easy to use sitting in front of patients. They didn’t like the format, complained they took too much of time to use, and seemed to interfere with their personal interaction with their patients.

Imagine you are talking to your doctor, and rather than looking at you, he is looking at a screen and typing into his EHR…and that leads to our new Mais Saúde Poll question:

Have you seen your doctor use electronic medical records? If so, what is your opinion?

1) Yes, I have seen him use it, and I like it

2) Yes, I have seen him use it, but it seemed to interfere with my interaction with my doctor

3) No I haven’t seen it used, or not sure

You can tell us your opinion on the poll seen in the right column of this page.

Now, for the results of our last poll. The question, with results:

What do you think is most interesting (important) when you look at a doctor’s profile? (more than one response allowed)

13% — Where he trained (medical school).

19%— Focus of his practice.

38%— If the doctor stays up-to-date through courses and meetings.

31%— If he is recommended by patients.

So potential patients were much most interested in knowing if a doctor was keeping up to date and if he was recommended by patients.

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