How ProcuraMed helps the public

How ProcuraMed can help patients and the public


You might think of ProcuraMed as a blog, but that is just a small part. The principal mission of ProcuraMed is to help patients match with good doctors, and make the lives of both doctors and patients a bit easier.

For a doctor, it is gratifying to have a practice full of patients who are appropriate for your training and background, where you can best use your skills. For a patient, it is wonderful to know that you can find good, competent doctors who are there for you when you need them. And all of us—doctors included—will be patients at some time.

ProcuraMed — with doctor’s focus of practice

ProcuraMed is providing something that has been available in the United States for a long time. There, most people wouldn’t think of seeing a doctor until they first looked him up on the Internet. They know that not all doctors are the same, and doing a little homework before choosing one will increase the chance that they will be happy with their care.

This is happening now in Brazil. Especially if you pay for your visits yourself, you want to find the right doctor, the first time you look. If, for example, you have a skin cancer, it’s better to find a doctor who actually treats that problem rather than see a dermatologists who focuses on botox and cosmetic work. You don’t need the irritation and extra expense that comes with referral to a second specialist.

Many doctors have a focus to their practice, meaning some things they like to do, or procedures or medical conditions they deal with frequently. Many doctors have extra training in certain areas. If a doctor has any focus or focuses like this, you want to know that when you are considering a doctor, and no other place shows you that except ProcuraMed.

Doctors with an Integral Profile on ProcuraMed

Doctors on ProcuraMed who have a complete—Integral—profile can list their practice focus, as well as information such as: did this doctor complete residency training after medical school? Is he certified by a specialty society? Does he attend meetings and courses, showing he is keeping up to date?

Doctors with this Integral profile on ProcuraMed can also say if their clinic has WiFi, parking, accepts credit cards, and how long it takes to get an appointment. Doctors can post articles and links if they want.

Recommended doctors

Do you want to see doctors recommended by other site visitors? ProcuraMed has a list of over 28,000 doctors all over Brazil who been recommended. You can search by specialty, location, and number of recommendations received.

We at ProcuraMed are always looking for ways to help site visitors find good doctors. If you know of any doctor that should be added to ProcuraMed, please send his information to us at

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Recommended doctors

These are some recommended doctors on ProcuraMed.