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New ProcuraMed Feature: Recommended Doctors


Wouldn’t it be great when you want to find a doctor you could look online and quickly see a list of recommended doctors, searchable by specialty and location?

That’s exactly what we are building here on ProcuraMed: an easy-to-use listing of doctors recommended by our users. The list will appear on in several weeks, when we have adequate data collected, and for that, we count on your input!

How Recommended Doctors Works

Over 80,000 medical doctors in Brasil (with an active CRM number) are listed on our site, some with basic information and some with much more. You can find them from our HOME page (link on top menu bar). On each doctor’s listing is a big green button:

Recommend this doctor!

To recommend a doctor, just click the button. Your “vote” is saved in our system, and when we begin to display the list, that doctor will appear there, organized by his specialty (if he has one) and location.

We are counting on you to tell all the users on ProcuraMed the doctors you know are good—doctors you would recommend to your friends and family members. And other users will be telling you who they think are good doctors. It’s like a virus, only a good virus!

We will list the doctors who receive the most recommendations at the top. We want this system to be reliable and fair, so one user can recommend one doctor only once, but you can recommend as many doctors as you want.

To keep the voting trustworthy, we ask our users to “login” for their vote to count, but your vote will be anonymous…no one will know that you voted for a particular doctor, but everyone will see the collected results from all the users who voted.

Facebook integration makes it even easier

We want the system as easy as possible to use, and if you are a Facebook user, and you are already logged-into your Facebook account, you are automatically logged-in to ProcuraMed. To allow this functionality to work, the first time you LOGIN to ProcuraMed, you need to click OK, and after that it will be automatic.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, or prefer not to use the Facebook system, you can register in the manual fashion on this page, and use the username and password you create to LOGIN and vote.

If you have any problems or questions, let us know. Remember, the more you vote for good doctors, the bigger and more useful the Recommended Doctor list will be for all of us!








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Recommended doctors

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