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Many of us who use the internet daily know of websites that rate and offer consumer reviews of cars, movies, appliances and so forth, but how many are aware of sites that rate doctors?

Internet trends in Brazil often closely follow those in the U.S., and recently published research in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that more than 80% of north Americans were aware of sites that review cars, movies, restaurants and so forth, but the percentage who were aware of sites that published doctor ratings was a bit lower, at 65%.Of the internet users aware of doctor rating sites, 36% had used one of these sites in the previous year to help them select a doctor, and 93% of those people found the ratings “very” or “somewhat useful” in their process.

Still, more people used more traditional methods such as word of mouth recommendations from friends or another doctor, and the number one factor in selecting a doctor was whether that doctor accepted the internet user’s insurance plan.

Lead researcher Dr. David Hanauer from the University of Michigan noted that the use of these sites for finding doctors is still below use for finding cars and so forth, but that their use is growing. Note that this survey was carried out in September 2012, and likely the percentages using doctor review sites is higher today.

For almost two years on our site, we have had a listing of “Recommended Doctors”; who are doctors recommended by you, our site users:

The list has filters for city, state, and specialty, and the doctors are listed in order of number of recommendations. Our top recommended doctor has 50 recommendations, and so far we have over 7000 doctors recommended by our site visitors from every state in Brazil.

We would like to hear from you about how useful you think these recommendations are, so our new poll question (found in the right column of this blog, and can be answered anonymously) is:

What is your opinion about the list of Recommended Doctors on

Possible answers:

1) I think the list could be very useful to help me find a good doctor, and would likely use it.

2) I do not think this sort of list would help me select a new doctor.

3) Other (can leave comment here)

We will publish the results here in the next several weeks.


Here is the result of our previous poll question, which was:

How comfortable do you feel bringing up potentially embarrassing subjects to your doctor, such as possibly excessive alcohol use?

And the results showed that many of our users do not feel comfortable talking to their doctor about potentially sensitive issues:

51%  I feel comfortable bringing up such subjects to my doctor.

26%   I would hesitate bringing up such subjects because they might be uncomfortable or embarrassing.

23%  I would hesitate bringing up such subjects because I don’t think my doctor has time or interest to discuss them with me. 

Please give us your feedback on our current poll found in the right column. We want to know what you think of this list of Recommended Doctors.

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Recommended doctors

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