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Doctors: do you have to pay to be on the Internet?

A few days ago we saw a debate on the Facebook timeline of a young doctor. He posted the following question: “How do people choose a doctor? By referral, online health insurance guide, online content, by proximity, or advertising?”

Most people said that tried to get a referral; by a doctor friend if possible. Many noted that they have trouble finding a suitable doctor.

Referral is still the first choice, but the trend, especially among young people, is to search for what they want on the Internet — including doctors.

Most doctors don’t pay anything

Most doctors are already on the Internet. A doctor can display his name and contact information at no cost, often without the doctor’s knowledge. This might be disturbing, but online listings are necessary if a doctor hopes to attract patients from the Internet. In general, the more sites displaying information about a doctor, the better.

Are you like the others?

The free listing sites for doctors have limitations. Most of the names appear in the same way and the doctors look alike. To stand out from the crowd, it is necessary to invest a little time choosing and publishing information on a trusted site. In this way, a doctor can help ensure that the content he provides to the Internet will be near the top of search results. Isn’t it best that the details about you and your practice come directly from you?

ProcuraMed created both for doctors and patients

ProcuraMed was created by an American doctor based on existing sites in the US. The mission of the site is to equally benefit doctors and patients, in addition to bringing existing technology to Brazil.

The Integral profile on ProcuraMed was made thinking of you, doctor. It’s full of tools that help you build your online presence. It will help you be highlighted in Google searches, and uses intelligent management of public comments. Unlike other sites, to make a public comment on ProcuraMed, the user must be registered on the site. This helps ensure more responsible comments.

The ProcuraMed was made by a doctor, for doctors, with their needs in mind. ProcuraMed knows that trust is a serious business, especially for doctors.

A free online profile may work to some extent, but with an Integral profile on ProcuraMed, a doctor can show he is up-to-date with technology — which is a big advantage over most doctors, who don’t make any real investment in the Internet. Even if you only display your focus of practice, you will meet the needs of many patients, and attract those who seek for this kind of information before seeing a doctor.

Quality requires investment, even if a small amount. Our cost is less than one missed new patient appointment, or, by comparison, a sushi.

Google rewards higher quality profiles

Note that Google rewards doctors who provide more information to the Internet about their practice, giving them better placement in search results. This is because Google, in their mission to do a good job, regards profiles rich in information as more useful, therefore, of higher quality.

Be seen in the crowd

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