• kiss for good health

    Kissing: Six health benefits for you

    From elevating self-esteem to reducing bad cholesterol and controlling blood pressure, kissing brings innumerable health benefits.

  • sexual frequency and happiness

    Research on frequency of sexual relations and happiness

    Research on 64 couples at Carnegie Mellon University that as far as sexual relations, that quality was more important than quantity.

  • sexuality beyond middle age

    5 curiosities about sex in middle age and beyond

    Sexual satisfaction does not have to decrease as you age. Research shows in fact that many women enjoy sex more after they are 60. We present 5 facts to improve your sexual satisfaction as you age.

  • sex exercise

    Sex and exercise: two big conclusions

    Sexual intercourse is very unlikely to provoke a heart attack, and a sexual encounter can be a significant type of exercise. Men burn about 4 calories per minute, and women 3 per minute, which surely varies from person to person and couple to couple.

  • genero

    Frequent sex can rejuvenate

    A clinical psychologist presented a paper at the British Psychological Society regarding his results of a ten-year study which showed that people who had frequent sex tended to look younger than their chronological age. Other health benefits of sexual activity are discussed.