• 4 facts about fever: is it best to treat it?

    Experiments show that animals with severe infections with fever have a much higher survival rate than animals that do not have a fever. In most cases, fever is a good sign and helps the immune system to better fight infection.

  • sinus antibiotics

    Antibiotics not needed for most sinus infections

    Recent guidelines by two large American medical organizations suggest that most sinus infections are caused by viruses, and do not need antibiotics, which may cause other problems.  Most sinus infections will resolve on their own with symptomatic treatment. 

  • Ebola virus

    Basic facts about Ebola: do we have to worry?

    Ebola virus disease is particularly deadly, has so far been confined to West Africa, and is unlikely to spread to Brazil. Basic facts about the disease are presented.

  • RIR

    Be careful with cat bites

    A recent study from the Mayo Clinic showed that cat bites to the hand are particularly dangerous. One-third of victims required hospitalization, and often surgery to resolve the infection. Wounds near joints and over the wrist were most problematic.

  • cachorro

    Infants with dogs in the house get sick less often

    Recently in Mais Saúde we presented a Finnish study showing that adolescents who spent more time outside, and had more…