• alternatives for carnaval

    11 healthier alternatives for Carnival

    Some people just don’t like Carnival, so we present 11 suggestions for healthy alternative activities during this season.

  • dicas de saúde 2

    Top health tips from 2014, Part 2

    Here are some of our top hints from our blog posts of 2014 regarding exercise; and healthy eating.

  • melhor dicas de saúde

    12 health tips for 2015

    This post lists the first 6 of 12 top health hints from 2014. Today the categories are women’s health and men’s health topics.

  • custos sistema saúde

    Which countries have the best health care systems?

    A New York based organization, the Commonwealth Fund, rated the U.S. healthcare system in last place behind 10 other industrialized nations. We explain why, and why there is some hope for the future. Also, readers comments so far on our current poll question about Brazilian doctors.

  • tablet medico

    The future of medical records; and latest poll results

    Within the next decade, electronic health records (EHR) will overtake paper records in doctors’ offices, but a recent survey of US doctors showed they were dissatisfied with their EHR systems. Reasons for this are discussed, along with a new poll question and results from our last poll concerning doctors.

  • genero

    Frequent sex can rejuvenate

    A clinical psychologist presented a paper at the British Psychological Society regarding his results of a ten-year study which showed that people who had frequent sex tended to look younger than their chronological age. Other health benefits of sexual activity are discussed.

  • stress

    Do you think stress is adversely affecting your health?

    A recent study in the European Heart Journal showed that if people thought that stress in their life was adversely affecting their health, that they were probably correct. Ways to decrease stress, and useful links are presented.

  • correndo

    Which is better for you: running or walking?

    Recent studies have compared the health benefits of walking and running. Running showed better results for losing weight. But for control of blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease, walking was as good – or even better – than running.