• creatividade

    You need some creative ideas? Go for a walk

    Research done at Stanford University showed that college students showed about a 60% increase in creativity after walking compared with sitting in a chair in a room. Companies and individuals can use this effect to their advantage.

  • pele suor

    Research studies shows exercise reverses skin aging

    Canadian research involving mice and then human subjects has shown people in their 60s and older who exercise regularly can have skin of someone many years younger, and that even people who start exercising later in life can show these benefits.

  • ossos elasticos

    Eight tips for healthy bones — Part 1

    We offer the first four of 8 tips for healthy bones, including weight-bearing exercise, jumping, avoiding being too thin or drinking too much coffee.

  • mulher malhando

    Exercise before sexual activity can diminish anti-depressant side effects

    Anti-depressant medications frequently cause annoying sexual side effects, but recently published research involving 52 women concluded that a 30-minute session of moderate-intensity exercise soon before sex improves sexual functioning and satisfaction.

  • sex exercise

    Sex and exercise: two big conclusions

    Sexual intercourse is very unlikely to provoke a heart attack, and a sexual encounter can be a significant type of exercise. Men burn about 4 calories per minute, and women 3 per minute, which surely varies from person to person and couple to couple.

  • baby brain test

    Pregnant women who exercise deliver babies with better brains

    Researchers at the University of Montreal conducted a study on healthy pregnant women and found that those who were more physically active delivered babies with more mature brains.

  • arm biceps

    Five hints to get better results from weight training

    To get best results from weight training, first warm up properly, then mentally concentrate on the specific muscle you are working, keep breathing and ensure your form and positioning is correct. Slowing down significantly on the negative (eccentric) motion helps protect against injury and leads to more rapid muscle growth.

  • caminhar

    Short walks after meals best to control blood sugar

    A small well-conducted research study showed that the best program to reduce blood sugar increases after meals was to take short 15 minute walks, at an easy to moderate pace, soon after finishing each meal. This program decreases the risk that pre-diabetics will advance to full diabetes.