• hints to control weight

    7 habits to keep your weight under control

    Here are 7 habits to help you keep your weight under control over the long haul. One hint is to include food that you enjoy in your daily diet.

  • cellphone use in bathroom may lead to hemorrhoids

    Cell phones use in bathroom may cause hemorrhoids

    Sitting too long on the toilet can cause or aggravate hemorrhoids, and using a cellphone while on the toilet should be avoided for that reason. Other ways to prevent hemorrhoids discussed.

  • fome emocional

    What to do when your hunger is emotional hunger

    Emotional hunger can cause eating foods for the purpose of smoothing over some stress or negative emotions; this is different that physical hunger. We discuss ways to deal with emotional hunger.

  • dieta paleo

    Is the Paleo Diet right for you? Part 2

    While the paleo diet may be good for some people, it has some potential long-term negative effects for your body and for the environment. A modified paleo diet—adopting the best features of the diet and ignoring others—may be the best approach.

  • dieta paleo

    What is the Paleolithic Diet?

    The latest international diet craze is the paleo (Paleolithic) diet, that advocates that we change our diet to one that was typical 10,000 years ago. It has much good about it, but whether it is good for you depends on your organism and circumstances.

  • fome

    Always hungry? This could be why

    The traditional teaching about weight loss diets stressed cutting calories, but two eminent researchers writing in The New York Times stress that much more important is what type of calories you eat, and avoiding high glycemic index and processed foods.

  • sperm

    A good diet before conception gives the baby genetic benefits

    Research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine showed that a good diet before and around the time of conception can bring benefits to her eventual baby’s genes, giving the child advantages that might last the child’s entire life.

  • dieta jejum

    A new international diet sensation: intermittent fasting

    Animal research has shown multiple benefits from calorie restriction diets and occasional fasting, and recently several diets have been described utilizing intermittent fasting.