• jolie cancer mama

    How physical activity can decrease the risk of breast cancer

    Women who exercise (even by doing physical chores at home or walking) can lower their risk of breast cancer by up to 30%. Recent research suggests the reason is that exercise improves the ratio of “good” estrogen to unhealthy estrogen.

  • mulher correndo

    New research about breast pain during exercise

    The University of Portsmouth (England) has researched the problem of breast pain in women when they exercise, and they have published some online materials that should be helpful. Many women, especially those with larger breasts, note discomfort while exercising, but a well-fitted sports bra will help the large majority.

  • mammogram

    Is breast cancer being overdiagnosed?

    Cancer screening programs—to find cancers at an early stage—have been credited with saving lives from breast, colon, skin, and prostate…