excess exercise may decrease male desire

Too much exercise may decrease a man’s desire

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A new study published this month in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise showed that men who exercise very strenuously, or for prolonged periods, may have a significantly lower libido than men who exercise less.

This phenomenon has been studied extensively in women, but until now, little has been known about men who “over-exercise”. Women who exercise strenuously have been shown to have menstrual irregularities, as well as decreased fertility and libido.

In men, it is known that sedentary men who start an exercise program feel better about themselves and develop an improved libido with better sexual performance. That is great, but note today we are discussing men who exercise “too much”.

Study on exercise and men’s libido

The researchers at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, USA) found 1077 volunteer healthy men, who already were exercisers. Through questionnaires, the men were divided into three groups: those who were light, medium, and heavy exercisers. The researchers then correlated the men’s exercise level with his interest in sex, also reported on the questionnaire.

Am I exercising too much?

The findings were that men who exercised lightly or moderately had a significantly better libido than men who exercised a lot. The question is: How do I know if I’m exercising too much and this is affecting my libido? Every person is different as to how much is “too much”, so the only way to know is to decrease the intensity and/or the time you put in to exercise, and see if your libido improves over the next few months.

The reason that overexercise appears to negatively impact a man’s sexual desire is not known for sure, but the researchers have two theories. First, that intense exercise could be lowering their sex hormone levels or balance; second, that too much exercise could just be making them too fatigued to have sex or lots of sexual thoughts. It could be a combination of both factors, and the North Carolina researchers are planning more studies to find out.

This research study does not prove that too much exercise actually caused the lowered libido. The study only shows that strenuous exercise and lower libido are linked. Even without proof, men (or their partners) who are concerned about their libido and who exercise a lot should consider a trial of lesser exercise to see if that helps.

Fertility may be affected too

The woman partner in couples with fertility problems is often questioned to see if too much exercise could be a factor in lowering fertility. This current study suggests that the male partner should be questioned as well.

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