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How to do a 3-minute meditation


Our last post introduced basic ideas why meditation may be good for you to try. You only need about 3 minutes a day, for it to be beneficial. You can meditate however long you want, but research shows that 3 minutes a day is enough to help the brain and body.

Mediation works with “mindfulness”. Mindfulness is a cornerstone of meditation. When you meditate, you are entering a state of mindfulness, where you are only focusing on the now. Focusing on your breathing is a common and always available thing, but you can choose others.

You can practice mindfulness throughout the day apart from more formal meditations. These are like brief intervals to help calm and focus your mind. While you are chewing, tasting food, brushing your teeth, walking outside, washing dishes, running on a treadmill or riding a bike, you can be mindful. Here is a more formal brief meditation. 

A 3-minute meditation

1) Find a comfortable and quiet place.

2) Sit in a chair or on the floor, in a way that is comfortable enough, then set a soft alarm for 3 minutes,

3) Bring your awareness to some anchor. It could be the in and out of your breath, sensations in your body, outside sounds, or even an image. Anything can serve as your anchor. Just invite your mind to go there and rest.

4) Soon you mind will wander, and that is normal and actually fine, because this moment of awareness and bringing back your focus is how your brain gets stronger.

Your mind will wander again and again, and each time, gently float back to your anchor. It is important not to criticize yourself when your mind wanders. Always be kind to yourself during meditation.

Each time you do this you build your brain “muscles”. You may notice some rapid improvements, but over weeks and months—of just 3 minutes per day (or more)—you will be strengthening the neural connections having to do with focus, awareness, concentration, as well as those for compassion and self-compassion.

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