What our readers think about aging and happiness, and our new poll regarding doctors


Here at Mais Saúde, one of our core beliefs is that if you take care of your health—physical and psychological—you will be not only be healthier, but also happier as you get older, even into your 70s, 80s, and beyond.

We recently discussed several research studies with surprising conclusions. These studies showed that people in their 60s were actually happier and reported less tiredness than people in their 20s.  We were interested in your thoughts about that, and here is what our readers thought:

58%  Yes, I believe the research showing that people in their 60s generally can be happier and report feeling less tired than people in their 20s  

22% No, I do not believe this research is correct.

20% I am not sure. 


Today we begin a new poll. We want to know how comfortable you, as a patient, would feel talking to your doctor about potentially embarrassing or difficult issues; for example, perhaps drinking too much alcohol.

We are motivated to ask this question based on two recent reports. The first comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (a US government agency) that found that only 1 out of 4 “binge drinkers” —people who occasionally drink 4 or more (for women) or 5 or more (for men) alcoholic drinks at a time—have ever discussed alcohol use with their doctors.

Only 1 in 3 people who “binge” drink 10 or more times in a month have ever discussed alcohol use with their doctor.

The second report, based on European research and published in the 15 January issue of the journal Neruology, showed that men who drink 2.5 or more alcohol drinks every day show significantly faster mental aging then men who are light or more moderate alcohol users. So here is our new poll question:

How comfortable do you feel bringing up potentially embarrassing subjects to your doctor, such as possibly excessive alcohol use?

Possible answers:

1) I feel comfortable bringing up such subjects to my doctor.

2) I would hesitate bringing up such subjects because they might be uncomfortable or embarrassing.

3) I would hesitate bringing up such subjects because I don’t think my doctor has time or interest to discuss them with me.

You can give us your opinion, anonymously, by clicking on your response in the poll in the right column.

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