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What do you think about online comments about doctors?

A big internet trend is more information about doctors appearing online. We are starting to see public comments about individual doctors posted online, and we want to know what you think about that. Is it a good idea? Do you tend to trust a doctor more if he publishes information about himself online, or maybe it doesn’t matter to you?

Check out the new poll question in the right column and tell us what you think. We will publish the results along with any comments we receive from the public (or from doctors) in a future post.

Our last poll question, we asked you what subjects most interest you for future topics for this blog. Here are the results:

The topic that most interested our readers is: “Disease prevention” (21% of readers interested in this); followed by “Healthy food and diet” and “Anti-aging” (both 19%). Slightly less popular is “Exercise and fitness” (16%); then “New therapies” (14%), and finally “Video interviews with doctors” (8%). Several people asked for posts on uterine fibroids, urinary issues in men, and back problems.

Thank you for your feedback, and we will incorporate your responses in selecting future topics for the blog. We ask that you participate in the new poll question about online behavior of doctors and comments made about doctors online.

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