Poll results: doctor strikes not accepted


For the last several weeks, the question on our Mais Saúde blog reader’s poll was:

Do you think it is acceptable for doctors to go on strike, where they refuse to see patients from certain health insurance plans, protesting the plans’ poor reimbursement for their medical services?

Here are the answers and results with percentages:

60.4%  No, it is wrong for doctors to refuse to attend patients as a form of protest against health insurers.

28.3%  Yes, doctors have the right to protest in this way against poor reimbursement from health insurers. The low payments are not only unfair, but are harmful to the public’s health.

11.3%  No comment or other opinion (though other opinion was not specified by these readers).

If you are a doctor or a patient, please feel free to send us any comments about this subject to contato@procuramed.com. We will publish here in the blog any pertinent comments.

New Poll (see the poll in the right column)

Brazil is famous for not only Carnival, but also for some long holiday weekends throughout the year. Do you sometimes think: if I or someone in my family needs immediate medical care during a long holiday weekend, will we be able to find the doctors and facilities to take care of us properly?

So our new Mais Saúde blog poll question is:

During long holiday weekends (or Carnival), are you ever worried that if you or a loved one gets sick, that you might not be able to find good medical care?

And the possible answers to this question are:

1) Yes, I am concerned that I might not be able to find adequate medical care during holidays.

2) Sometimes

3) No, I am not concerned. I believe I can find adequate medical care during holidays.

The poll is open now and you can answer by clicking the button that tells us what you think! We are very interested in your responses.

Your vote is anonymous, but only one vote per computer. You can see the results of how people are voting at any time, and leave any comment you desire.

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