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Full schedule and waiting time most irritates our readers


Many people who have a health insurance plan are happy that they have this peace of mind, but still, there are many complaints. The cost might be high, their doctor or clinic of choice might not accept their insurance, and so forth.

In our last poll, we asked for your input regarding what irritates you most about your health insurance plan, if you have one. Here are the results. Note that the percentages total more than 100% as some people had more than one concern.

Queston: What factor(s) most irritate you about your health insurance plan?

43% Full schedule and waiting too long for an appointment

22% Not able to consult with the doctor of my choice and receive reimbursement

18% High price

17% Inadequate network of doctors and clinics

The biggest complaint was the difficulty in scheduling an appointment with their doctor due to a full schedule.  You are probably aware that now the National Agency for Health Insurance has defined maximum waiting times to be scheduled for a consultation, depending upon your need and condition. You can find that information on the ANS site here.

Now, we would appreciate your feedback on a new question:

Thinking of doctors in Brazil, what is your opinion?

1) They are all about the same in quality if they finished medical school

2) There is a big difference between doctors—some are very qualified and some not at all

3) I don’t know because I never paid attention to this

4) Other (type answer here and will report when publish results)

Should you wish to find a doctor, of any specialty, anywhere in Brazil, use our main website: www.procuramed.com

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