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66% of our readers approved of SUS plan for medical students

The question we posed to our readers in our last poll was:

Medical students will be required to spend two years working for SUS (the national health service) at their end of their medical training, and receive monthly stipends of R$ 3,000 to 8,000. What do you think of this plan? 

The results:

66% I am in favor of this plan

33% I am not in favor of this plan

1% other

Comments included:

1) “ the recent graduates might make mistakes, will SUS only have recent graduates?”

2) “ I am favor of any person who studies in publically funded universities to return service to the government”

On July 31, the day of the large doctor protests across Brazil, President Rouseff gave in to demands from the doctor groups, and decided that medical students will not be required to perform two years of service in SUS.

However, starting in 2018, the government announced that the required training for doctors will be eight years rather than the current six years. After completing the standard six years, medical students will be required to complete two years of additional training (“residency”) before they will be allowed to practice.

Our new poll question:

Do you agree with the new plan from the government to add 2 years to doctor training starting in 2018?

Yes, I am concerned about the training of our doctors now, and believe this change will help produce better-qualified doctors.

No, I think our doctors receive adequate training now, and that the current six years is enough.

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