advantages of good posture

The advantages of good posture

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Many of us spend a good part of our day slouched in front of a computer screen, and we may rightly suspect that we are developing bad posture. Today let’s list some advantages to good posture, and why you might want to take a closer look especially at how you are sitting throughout the day.

Bad posture can lead to symptoms throughout the body. Depending on your situation and anatomy, you may notice neck or back pain, muscle fatigue, breathing restrictions, digestive problems, and even your mood can be affected by bad posture. Besides that, people that slouch tend to give worse impressions, particularly if they are applying for a job or looking for a relationship.

Some advantages of good posture

1) You are less prone to street crime

Research has shown that women who walk slowly, slouched, and with their eyes towards the ground are much more likely to be victims of street crimes. It is unfortunate, but criminals typically pick out seemingly weaker and easier victims. People who walk with an erect posture, with eyes looking forward, and at a brisk pace, radiate more strength and confidence, and look like more difficult targets.

2) You avoid some joint problems

If you sit or stand in a slouched position over a long time, your ligaments, muscles, and tendons put abnormal stresses on bones and ligaments. If you stand and sit with good posture, your joints are less likely to be stressed, and you maintain a stable and symmetrical appearance.

3) Helps maintain your lung capacity

With good posture your chest stays open allowing full expansion of your lungs. People who lean forward a lot or slouch chronically can restrict their lung capacity by up to 30%. This means less oxygen reaching your brain and vital organs.

4) Helps your intestinal organs function well

When you are slouched over and limit your abdomen, you can compress your intestines, which can impair normal digestion and bowel function.

For good posture

1) Use your computer ergonomically.

You need a chair that supports you well, and the level of your screen should allow you to keep your head erect, and aligned directly over your shoulders and hips. Laptop computers, used in your lap, encourage you to slouch over. Use the laptop on a table at the proper height.

2) When you sit for a while, shift positions regularly

Besides being good for your weight and metabolism, if you move and shift while seated, and stand up regularly, you are less likely to develop backache. Avoid being stagnant in one position.

3) Back exercises help

Good posture takes effort. You need to be aware of your body to avoid bad habits. Stretching and flexibility exercises help, as well as exercises that strengthen your core muscles, buttocks, abdomen, and back. A wise professor or trainer at a gym may be a good place to start.

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