nova versão da ProcuraMed

What’s new in version 3.0 of ProcuraMed!

We are happy to announce that ProcuraMed has over 5000 Facebook fans, which is a 100% increase in only the past month. We appreciate this explosion of interest in ProcuraMed, and are happy to announce the new Version 3.0 of our site!

Here are some highlights of the improvements in the new ProcuraMed!

  • Bilingual – To assist international visitors, ProcuraMed is now available in English as well as Portuguese. Just click on the link “English” or “Portuguese” at the top of the page to switch languages;

  •  Quicker and easier evaluations of doctors — Simply click on the large colored button below any doctor’s name on his listing, and you can evaluate him, and/or add him to your list of favorite doctors on your personalized profile page;

  • Blog Mais Saúde Woman — Woman are making a majority of the decisions now about choosing a doctor, and we recognize the importance of woman’s health and health care decision-making by inaugurating Mais Saúde Woman. Click on the pink heart near the top of every page to access this special blog;

  • Partner Page – We are developing a network of sites that will be of interest and assistance to you, and partners will be added regularly;

  • New graphics— We have simplified and improved some of the graphics and navigation of the site to make your access even faster and easier.

If you have not yet registered on our site, you can do that right now at the end of this post, by clicking on REGISTER near the top of each page. Registration is free and without any obligation to you. When you register, you will:

  •  Have your own personalized page where you save your favorite doctors, hospitals and clinics for faster future reference;

  •  Contribute ratings and/or written evaluations about doctors (these will not be posted online; only your doctor can read them privately, and if you want, you can be anonymous);

  •  Leave comments on GreenGo : the application on the Homepage that measures the daily humor of the people in Brazil.

Thank you for participating in ProcuraMed, and look forward to more improvements in the coming months and years! We welcome your input and suggestions! Together, with your input and the power of the people of Brazil, are working towards a healthier country!



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