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12 health tips for 2015

Here are 12 health hints we have chosen from our 2014 blog articles. They are organized into 4 areas: women’s health, men’s health, exercise, and food and diet. We chose 3 hints in each area. By clicking on any of the blue titles below, you will see the original article.

Women’s Health

  1. Should pregnant women drink alcohol?

Up until the 1970s it was considered ok for pregnant women to drink reasonably. Then the general advice changed to allowing only an occasional glass of wine or beer. The latest research from 2014 suggests a woman should drink no alcohol at all while pregnant, to decrease the chance of delivering a low-birth weight or pre-term infant.

  1. Cesarean vs. vaginal birth

Brazil and China lead the world in the percentage of mothers delivering by cesarean section. In 2014 more research was published supporting that vaginal birth, where possible, was better for the baby’s health. The stress of the birth process seems to make the baby’s genes stronger. These improvements last the child’s entire life.

  1. Diet pre-conception

Women not using contraceptives or wanting to become pregnant should be careful about what they eat, even before a conception occurs. A study showed how a good pre-conception diet helps insure a healthy baby, again by improving the baby’s genes.

Men’s Health

  1. Cholesterol lowering drug improves men’s erections

Often the first sign that a man has calcium plaques forming in his artieries is that he has trouble with his erections. After 4 months on a standard cholesterol lowering medication (a statin), men found their erections improved by 24%. The same effects might be seem by lowering cholesterol without medications, that is, by improving a man’s healthy habits.

  1. Eating disorders common in men

Up to 25% of anorexia nervosa and bulimia cases are in men, as are 40% of binge eaters. Many people, and many doctors too, don’t recognize how common eating disorders are in men, so they are often not diagnosed, even when a man is sick. Our post discusses nine characteristics of eating disorders in men.

  1. Sports team win or loss affects testosterone levels

Being a fan of a particular sports team has been shown to be good for ones’ mental health. But saliva research done during the World Cup showed that when your favorite team loses, a man may suffer a temporary drop in testosterone levels of 20%. In contrast, when his team wins big, his testosterone levels may rise about 20%. This may explain, along with changes in self-esteem after a big game, how a man’s sexual desires can cycle depending on outside news.

Later this week we wrap up our top hints of 2014 in the categoires of exercise, and food and diet.

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