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7 habits to keep your weight under control

Summer is coming here in Brazil. Many people are going back to the gym, and many are looking for ways to trim off a few kilograms. Today we offer 7 scientifically backed hints that will help you keep your weight under control without starting a completely new diet. These are habits you might adopt long term.

1) Eat foods you enjoy

If you radically cut out most foods that you really enjoy, whatever diet you adopt is likely to fail. Eating should be a pleasure, and if you cut out most things you like, you probably won’t stick whatever diet you started. Make sure whatever plan you come up with includes foods you enjoy.

2) Portion size is key

Portion sizes have increased over the past few decades. The amount of food we think is a normal has increased. Hamburgers, sodas, popcorn, and many foods we buy outside home have all gotten bigger. One reason the French can eat high-caloric foods is that they keep their portion sizes smaller. Try to keep food portions about the size of your fist.

3) Look for foods with lots of fiber and protein

Fiber and protein help you feel full. On the other hand, high-carbohydrate foods do not satisfy your appetite as much. Junk food—or anything with lots of sugar—will not satisfy you for long. After a while, your blood sugar falls, and you again crave more sugar. For snacks, try to have more fruits. Avoid white bread or French rolls and eat whole wheat. After a while, your palate will much prefer this fiber-rich bread over bland white breads.

4) Get your calories from solid food, not liquids

Liquids are typically consumed so quickly that your body doesn’t have time to signal to you that you are full. Besides, sodas and juices don’t have fiber, but are full of carbohydrates and lots of calories. However, drinking lots of water is helpful, even with your meals.

5) Never go food shopping when you are hungry

A study showed that hungry people bought significantly more low-nutritional foods (and junk foods) compared with people who went to the store with a full stomach.

6) Get enough sleep

People who are sleep deprived gain more weight. Even after one night of poor sleep, your body releases more of the hormone ghrelin, which is a substance that makes us hungrier. If you get enough sleep, your hunger (ghrelin) and satiety (leptin) hormones are better balanced, and your appetite will be under better control.

7) Be careful of diet drinks

You would think that diet drinks help people loose weight. But the studies show that adults who drink diet drinks daily actually put on more weight over time. An occasional diet soda is ok (better than a sugared soda), but avoid them on a regular basis. Much better is water, seltzer, tea, or coffee.

With a little effort you can make a much healthier drink. Just squeeze a lime into a glass and fill with water and ice. If you need, a little sweetener, but over time you be able to decrease the sweetener. Limes are full of anti-oxidants, and one or two a day will be great for you, especially if you drink lime juice instead of sodas. If you need, add a small amount of a boxed juice to the lime, water, ice mix for a little flavor.

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