food can make your smell more attractive

The right foods can help you smell more attractive

An Australian research study just published found that men who eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables produce sweat that is more attractive to women. Their sweat was judged to smell significantly nicer than the sweat of men who ate a diet rich in simple carbohydrates, such as sugar.

The researchers, from Macquarie University (Sydney) recruited 45 men aged 18 to 30, to give sweat samples, and nine women to give their opinion about which sweat smelled better. The men were given white T-shirts to wear for two days, and wrote down everything they ate. They were encouraged to work out and sweat, but for the two days they didn’t use soap or deodorant.

Then each woman smelled the shirts and rated the smell based on set criteria, such as “fruity”, “floral”, and “sweet”. The men who ate the most fruits and vegetables were judged to have the most pleasant sweat. Fat, egg, and tofu intake also seemed to correlate with better smelling sweat.

Meat and sweat

In this study, the men who ate lots of meat were found to have more “intense” smelling sweat, but not worse smelling sweat. (A previous study from 2006 found however that men who were vegetarians had better smelling sweat than men who were heavy meat eaters.)

Skin color changes from diet

The Australian researchers also used an instrument called a spectrophotometer to measure the color components in their skin, and correlated this with their diet. The results showed that the men who ate lots of fruits and vegetables had a more yellow skin tone. These foods are full of carotenoids, which give fruits and vegetables their red, yellow, and orange color.

This coloration then is passed in a subtle way onto the skin. Previous research has shown that (light-skinned) people with more yellow in their skin are judged to be healthier, and are more attractive.

Men and women looking for a partner of the opposite gender notice various characteristics of the other, that signal the health and strength of that person’s genes. They want a healthy partner, with good genes, so they can make better babies together. In this context, the Australian study makes sense. Women would prefer men who eat a healthier diet, which is reflected in more yellow tones in their skin, and more pleasant smelling sweat.

This study gives yet another reason to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Not only will it make you healthier, but it might make you look, and smell, more attractive!

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