hints to survive big holiday meals with good health

12 hints to survive big holiday meals with good health

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We all want to enjoy ourselves over the holidays, while still eating reasonably healthy and keeping our weight under control. Here are 12 hints to help you do just that.

1-Eat a good breakfast

The day of a party or large holiday meal, a good breakfast is important. This helps keep your appetite under control until the party starts. A good breakfast includes at least one fruit and/or vegetable, along with some protein such as an egg or yogurt and nuts.

2-Snack during the day

To keep your blood sugar levels stable and avoid excessive hunger, have a snack every 3 or 4 hours before the party. Good snacks are those with fiber like an apple or orange, and protein such as nuts.

3-Drink water throughout day

Try to have 6 to 8 glasses during the day which helps control your appetite and supports your energy. Dehydration slows you down.

4-Bring a healthy dish

If you bring a food dish to the party, ask if you can bring something you both like and is healthy, such as a salad or vegetable tray. That way you know there will be at least one item on the menu that will help satisfy your hunger.

5-Pre-party snack

Before you leave home, have a snack so you won’t arrive so hungry. One good idea is yogurt and a banana. The yogurt helps slow digestion so food and alcohol will stay in your stomach longer, keeping you fuller. The banana is full of potassium which helps cancel out the effects of sodium from salty foods.

6-Alcohol stimulates appetite

Go slow with drinks before the meal. Alternating water, juice, or club soda each time you have an alcohol drink is a good plan. It’s especially important to keep hydrated when drinking, which also cuts down on the risk of hangover.

7-Stand further away from the snacks

If you stand close to the snacks, you will be tempted to keep grabbing more. Make it slightly inconvenient and stand away.

8-See everything before choosing

That way you won’t be surprised at the end to discover something you really like. If you know what is available ahead of time, at the beginning you won’t add so much of the items you don’t really care for.

9-Make the first plate healthy

Make your first plate the healthier items, like salad, vegetables, and maybe a little protein like lean turkey or ham.  Your second plate can be less healthy, but you will already be somewhat full from the healthier first plate.

10-Consider red wine with dinner

A glass of red wine is healthy, full of antioxidants, and not so high in calories. A good non-alcoholic alternative is lime slices in water, or juice diluted with club soda. Try to avoid sodas.

11-Tea before or with dessert

Black, green, or white tea is full of antioxidants and will help fill you up better than water or coffee. Then drink water before you go to bed to avoid dehydration.

12-Breakfast the next day

The next morning it’s good to eat again a good breakfast. Try eggs with spinach or mushrooms, or maybe a fruit smoothie if that sounds better. Coffee or tea is fine, but remember to replace fluids with additional water.

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