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Polls: chicken soup, and Ebola

In our last post we presented some scientific studies that support the idea that chicken soup is truly helpful—acting at the cellular level—when you are sick with a virus.

In our new poll question which starts today, we are interested in what you think about home remedies vs. medications you buy from the pharmacy, and want to know if you have any special home remedies that work well for you. You can find the poll in the right column of this page, and we will publish our readers’ answers in an upcoming post.

Our last poll question was about how ready our readers felt Brazil is to confront possible cases of Ebola here. The results show that a majority of our readers have a high level of concern. 59% said:

I have a high level of concern, because Brazil is not careful enough about possible people with Ebola entering the country, and they don’t have the structure to deal with the problem.

28% of our readers agreed with: I have a moderate level of concern, since we don’t seem to have enough controls to prevent sick people from entering the country. And only 10% said: I’m not worried, because the chance of sick people entering the country is small. 

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