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Our reader’s comments regarding cesarean sections

Our last poll question was regarding cesarean sections, and today we look at the results, including comments left by our readers. The question with results:

Brazil is the country with the highest percentage of cesarean sections. What is your opinion regarding this subject? (may agree with more than one answer):

20% — For my baby’s birth, I chose or would choose cesarean section

28% — I would choose vaginal delivery.

10% — The rate of cesarean section is so high because of the wishes of the mothers.

33% — The rate of cesarean section is so high because doctors influence the choice of the mothers

Other opinions or comments left by our readers:

I think everyone should do pre-natal exams and legalize midwives.

Natural vaginal delivery is better for both the mother and the baby with a faster recovery.

I think cesarean section is safer for the baby.

I had 2 children by vaginal delivery. It is the best option.

There is a profitable industry behind the push for cesarean sections.

Opt for cesarean if have fear of being cared for by an inexperienced doctor.

I suffered a lot with two vaginal deliveries and so for the third I chose cesarean.

Normal vaginal delivery is better if have the right to a dignified delivery without episiotomy.

Vaginal delivery could have complications due to the delay, and other problems too.

We appreciate the input of our readers!


Our new poll question relates to our previous post about the high incidence of errors made in hospitals in the United States. While the post only addressed hospitals in North American, likely there are similar problems here in Brazil. So our new question is:

In your opinion, why are there so many errors committed in hosptials? (more than one answer is possible)

1) Lack of training and competence of the professionals

2) Workers tired from long working days

3) Lack of equipment and conditions for more accurate diagnoses

4) Other (can leave comment here)

We will post results in a future post here, along with our readers’ comments. The poll can be answered in the right column of this page.

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