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Cycling and female sexual health

Cycling, besides being a great way to get around, is  a super exercise for the body and mind, and it’s an even better activity if you choose the right seat and learn the proper way to sit, before you go out riding.

According to new research from Yale, and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women who used seats with a narrow projection  pointing towards the front may suffer problems with the blood vessels and nerves in the pelvic region. And that can cause decreased sexual pleasure.So, can you still bike and keep your sexuality healthy and pleasurable?In 2006, another study from Yale showed that female bike riders had lower genital sensitivity than women runners.. Studies of male  police officers on bike patrol showed they had an increased risk of erectile dysfunction.

In the present study, researchers evaluated 48 women, all of whom rode a minimum of 16 miles a week, although most rode much more. The women brought their own bikes to the lab where the researchers placed their bikes on stationary measuring devices, and each woman positioned the seat and handlebar to their preference. As they rode, they reported if they felt any pain, numbness or tingling ,and a device measured the sensation of their pelvic floor.

During the study, the researchers noticed that a mal-position of the handlebars caused most of the problems. Women who rode with their bodies below the position of their seats experienced more pressure on their perineum, resulting in less sensitivity of the pelvic floor. This happens because when the handlebars are too low, a woman must lean forward, causing much of their weight to fall on their perineum. The problem was especially noticed when the woman bends forward, and kept a straight back: a more aerodynamic position.Scientist Steven M. Schrader, who participated in the survey of bike patrol male police officers, said the issues regarding woman cyclists needs further study.  For Schrader, the research with the male police officers showed that one of the best ways to reduce pressure on the genital region is to NOT use seats that are thinner in front.

Why not take advantage of the weekend for cycling? Just take a close look at your seat, and if it’s ok down below, then go!

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