a COVID-19 home kit

How to make a COVID-19 home kit


Many Californians, who have lived in their state for a long time, keep an “earthquake kit” in their homes, ready to use in case of a sudden and unforeseen quake. Typically, the kit contains canned food, water, a battery-operated radio, and anything else that might be needed if disaster strikes. In the same way, Brazilians would be wise to assemble a “COVID kit”, in case they or someone in their family becomes infected.

You will appreciate it if you are prepared. If someone in your family gets sick, you are less likely to need to have to go out to find supplies. I you live alone, this is especially important. Here are our suggestions for what you might want in your kit.

Items for a COVID-19 Home  Kit

1) Personal protection equipment

Face masks, gloves

2) Extra soap, hand sanitizer, and tissues

3) Cleaning supplies

Bucket, bleach, paper towels, garbage bags

4) Personal hygiene 

Toilet paper, feminine hygiene needs

5) Thermometer

6) Frozen chicken soup

Probably the single most important food if you are sick. Have a least a 3-day supply, and start at the first sign of illness. This last post has more details why chicken soup is so healthy.

7) Gatorade

Provides needed electrolytes and water to keep hydrated. Best to dilute it 50% with water to cut sugar intake.

8) Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

There is some (controversial) evidence that NSAID-type medications may not be as safe as acetaminophen for fever and pain relief. Just be careful of your total daily acetaminophen dosage.

9) Prescription medications

A one to two-month supply is optimal

10) Cough drops

11) Extra food

Such as milk, water, canned vegetables, canned tuna, protein shakes, peanut butter, and any food for your pets

12) Reward foods

To make your isolation more tolerable, have some non-perishable food you really enjoy such as chocolates or cookies (preferably whole wheat)

12) Entertainment

To help pass the time. Find some books, games, puzzles, or hobbies you enjoy. A reliable WI-FI connection helps. 

13) A symptom log

A small book to record your symptoms and daily temperatures, progress, and thoughts

14) Home health monitors 

A blood pressure machine if you have questionable blood pressure, and if possible, a pulse oximeter, which you can buy at many pharmacies or online. With this, you can measure your blood oxygen levels and be alerted to any problematic low levels.

Hopefully this article will get you think about being prepared. If you get sick, you will appreciate being able to relax and sleep, rather than having to run out to find supplies. Good sleep is critical for recovery. If, at the end of the pandemic, you never had to use the kit, have a party with your friends, and finish off all the food you saved!

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