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Nutritionists surveyed: is this food healthy?

Several hundred nutritionists —all members of the American Society for Nutrition—were recently sent a survey which asked: do you think this food is healthy? Here are the results, which were just published 5 July 2016 in the New York Times.

We have arranged the foods in order from most healthy to least healthy, and the number after each food is the percentage of the nutritionists who said the particular food was “healthy”. This chart should not be taken as an absolute ranking of what is healthy and what is not, but it gives you a general idea for many common foods.

Whether or not a particular food is healthy depends on various factors. Let us take as an example, the food at the very top of the list, apples. Apples are healthy but are often also rated near the top of the list of fruits with a high pesticide content. So, to maximize the health benefit of an apple you eat, you should try to find organic apples. If you can’t find them, at least pay attention to careful washing of the fruit.

Another example is popcorn, which overall seems to be considered a fairly healthy food, with a 61% rating. But this is for popcorn itself, without any additions such as butter, salt, or sugar. So always keep in mind how you prepare the food if you want to maximize the health benefits. In this blog, we have featured more detailed articles about some of these foods (such as apples, peanut butter, eggs, and olive oil). In the list below, if a food is in a blue color, you can click on that to see more details.

% of Nutritionists who regard each food as healthy

Apples 99%

Carrots 99%

Oranges 99%

Spinach 99%

Almonds 98%

Oatmeal 97%

Eggs 96%

Olive oil 96%

Avocados 95%

Chicken 91%

Hummus 91%

Turkey 91%

Cashews 90%

Whole wheat bread 90%

Quinoa 89%

Shrimp 85%

Canned tuna 84%

Cottage cheese 84%

Peanut butter 82%

Corn 77%

Sushi 75%

Baked potato 72%

Wine 70%

Whole milk 64%

Popcorn 61%

Steak 60%

Pork 58%

Granola 47%

Butter 40%

Coconut oil 37%

Frozen yogurt 32%

Hamburger 28%

Crackers 25%

American cheese 24%

Pizza 24%

Beer 23%

Diet soda 18%

White bread 15%

Ice cream 13%

Bacon 12%

Chocolate chip cookies 6%

French fries 5%

Soda 1%

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