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Foods and drinks that help fight acid reflux

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Acid reflux is a common problem, and most people with these symptoms discover that certain foods or liquids will bring on an attack. These “triggers” vary from person to person, and most people learn what they must avoid. But today we focus more on the foods and liquids that help decrease symptoms.

The most common foods that irritate reflux include: coffee (especially caffeinated), tomatoes, acid-containing fruits and juices, alcohol, chocolate, spicy foods, fatty or sugary foods, onions, garlic, full-fat dairy products, and carbonated beverages.

Some people though are fine with most of these things, while others have terrible pains with even a few bites of fried food or a little coffee. But here is a list of foods and liquids that are good and safe for most people with reflux symptoms. In some cases, they will relieve symptoms when they occur.

Foods and drinks especially good for reflux




Aloe Vera

Especially Aloe Vera juice. Make sure it does not contain anthraquinone or alonin, which could make symptoms worse.


Add while cooking, try it fresh, or use as a tea.


Chewing gum

Cinnamon or fruit-flavored sugarless gum is best. Avoid gum with mint, peppermint, or spearmint, which could make things worse. Gum works by increasing your saliva flow and encouraging you to swallow more, helping keep gastric juices in the stomach where they belong. Try chewing cinnamon gum for 30 minutes after a meal.

Usually helpful for people with reflux


Rice, especially brown rice (higher fiber content)


Best to keep hydrated during the day, and some water with meals is fine, but avoid too much water at one time which could bloat you.

Green vegetables and salad

High fiber foods like vegetables are helpful. Avoid onions, tomatoes, and limit use of fatty dressings.

Potatoes and root vegetables

Low-fat dairy products

Whole grains and oatmeal

Low-acid fruits

Such as melon, cantaloupe, watermelon.

Lean poultry and fish

Avoid poultry skin, which is high fat, and don’t prepare fried.

Egg whites

Egg yolks can increase symptoms.


Again, everyone is different because reflux can be caused by a variety of pathologies depending on the person. For example, in some people, the gastric juices that travel up the esophagus contain more bile’ in some, it is more stomach enzymes, and in others it’s more of a pure acid reflux. The best thing is to keep a diary and find out what makes your symptoms worse, and what makes it better.

We have discussed previously other ways to decrease the symptoms, and of course you can take medications if needed. Don’t delay in seeing a doctor, particularly a gastroenterologist, if your symptoms persist. Most people, however, can control symptoms by keeping a healthy lifestyle, avoiding obesity, and staying away from the things that make it worse, and eat more of the things that are soothing.

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