6 easy hints to make healthy food taste better

If you think “healthy food” means bland, tasteless food, this post is for you. Many people try to eat healthier, but give it up because they don’t find it interesting. A bowl of quinoa might be one of the healthiest things in the world, but if it’s tasteless, you probably won’t keep eating it.

These hints are from the renowned New York chef Seamus Mullen, who wrote “How Cooking with Delicious Things Can Make Us Feel Better”. A decade ago, he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which limited his work. Based on the concept that some foods increase inflammation in the body, while others decrease it, he found a diet that improved his well-being substantially. Consider his hints:

More spice!

Chef Mullen thinks the biggest mistake is that people under spice their food. Some people think healthy food should taste bland. But if you follow our posts, you know that spices are little nuggets full of antioxidants. Yes, spices are healthy, so add more, maybe a lot more than you have been used to. Chili type spice has been shown to be especially healthy. Freshly ground black pepper is great as well.

Buy better salt

There are now many different salts available, so experiment to see which you like the best. Many people find sea salt tastes better, and it is also less processed, and has more trace elements than regular table salt.  Look for salts infused with flavors, such as chilies.

If you are hypertensive, ask your doctor, but for most people, adding a modest amount of salt to foods is no problem at all. Actually, the subject of salt leading to high blood pressure has become controversial, and the trend in nutrition is that sugar is worse for your cardiovascular system than salt. For most people, a teaspoon of salt, added to your food in total daily, should be no problem at all. The more important issue is that salt hides in many prepared and processed foods, so avoiding these foods is the best way to avoid excessive salt intake.

Salt in stages

While cooking, don’t add a bunch of salt at once, but rather do it in several stages. Taste the food as you add, and stop when it’s enough.

Mix sweet, sour, spicy, and salty

Have you noticed that some prepared foods combine “vinegar and salt” or “mango and chili”? Chef Mullen advises using combinations of the four basic taste points to transform healthy food into exciting food.

Make it look good

Think of how food is presented at nice restaurants. Chefs know that you can take two plates of identical foods, but the one with the food arranged with care will taste better, even though it’s the same food. Use that to your advantage.

Fresh spices on top

Add spices while you cook, then fresh spices on top. Chef Mullen’s favorite spice is parsley, and research shows that parsley is one of the healthiest. But most all spices are healthy, so add what you like. Besides parsley and chilies, research suggests that garlic, turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon are among the healthiest.

The big lesson is: don’t be afraid! Spice up your food for better health!

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