workout partners can help men feel less lonely

How workout partners can help men feel less lonely


In this era of always-on social media, surveys show that more people are lonely now than before the internet age. One group that has been hit particularly hard in this regard is middle-age and older men.

Note the difference between alone and loneliness. Loneliness is a feeling of persistent isolation. Loneliness is marked by a feeling that you have no good friends to confide in. A man can be married and have “friends” at work, but still be lonely. Many men, as they enter their 30s, have more and more problem finding and making friends.

Loneliness = danger to health

Lonelier people are more prone to mental stress and dysfunction. Anxiety, substance abuse, and depression are much more common in lonely people. Other research points to more physical problems in lonely people as well.

For example, a 2018 Finnish-British study—of nearly 500 thousand men—published in the journal Heart, showed that men who reported being more lonely had a significantly increased rate of heart attack, stroke, and death during the 7 year study period.

Why men?

Men are less likely than women to make social invitations to other men, and do not prioritize friends as much as women. Men are also less likely to share feelings, and admit to loneliness. Some studies show that the more “masculine” a man thinks he is, the less likely he is to admit to loneliness (or really to any social defect).

One good solution!

Men, more than women, are better at finding friends through activities. This gives men a great solution to the loneliness problem, and helps fulfill their physical health needs as well—find a workout partner or partners!

Workout partners

Men can find partners to workout with at the gym, at a soccer club, or a basketball court. Running is an activity that generates groups, and many men are better able to open up to another man when they have run or worked out next to him. Bicycle or swimming groups are other options. Another good thing about these activity groups is that men are usually exposed to a wide range of ages, occupations, and backgrounds.

If you are a woman or a man

If you are in a relationship with a man, you will have a better relationship if he has friends outside of you to share experiences and concerns. Encourage him to join an activity group consistent with his interests. If you are a man, think about how much better it is to have other men friends to share with. Find a workout partner or partners. You will unencumber your mind and improve your health and body at the same time!

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