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Sitting for long periods might increase your chance of colon cancer

Last year in Mais Saúde we posted an article entitled “Sitting too long can undo all the benefits of an exercise program”. People who think they are doing ok if they exercise every day might not be so healthy after all if they spend much of the rest of their day sitting at a desk or in front of a computer screen and—for extended periods—not getting up.

Medical researchers even have new acronyms that describe the two types of exercise:

NEPA = non-exercise physical activity = whatever movements you make during the course of your day that expend some energy

MVPA = moderate-vigorous physical activity = your movements and calorie expenditures during your planned exercise periods

People with a high level of NEPA don’t spend much time sitting during the day, but if they do have to sit, they get up frequently and walk around and/or stretch. They spend lots of time walking around doing housework or activities that keep them on their feet.

A medical research study, recently presented at an American Association for Cancer Research conference, studied 1,730 people who had undergone removal of benign colon polyps during a colonoscopy (where a doctor can remove growths through a flexible tube threaded inside the colon).

These benign (“adenomatous”) polyps are considered precursors for cancer of the colon, meaning a majority of colon cancers actually arise out of these polyps, which, if found by colonoscopy, can be removed, probably saving the person from getting colon cancer.

The conclusion of this study was that men who were sedentary for many hours per day (more than 11 hours) had a 45% greater chance of suffering a recurrence of colon polyps than men who were less sedentary (less than six hours per day sitting).Interestingly, the researchers did not find this same benefit for women, and to find out why, further analysis and studies are necessary.

But another study showed health benefits for both men or women who were less sedentary—both genders with high levels of NEPA showed healthier levels of triglycerides and HDL (“good” cholesterol).

These men and women had a 27% lower risk of suffering serious heart problems, and they also had significantly smaller waistlines.

The reason moving around is so important is that when you move around, your muscles stretch and contract and release myokines (enzymes released by muscle cells), which help keep you from getting fat. People who sit most of the time have less myokine release.

Read the post below for more details about how to avoid problems if you have to sit a lot during the day. And everyone might think about this when you are doing household chores: moving around may help you keep thinner, and also lower your risk of colon cancer.

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