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Bigger waist equals bigger problems with urination and erections

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When you see a man with a big belly and a large waist, you might guess (correctly or not) that he doesn’t exercise enough and/or eats too much, but this report in the August issue of the British Journal of Urology International might also make you also think about his sexual abilities and how often he gets up at night to urinate!

And if you are a man who has let his stomach grow out of shape, or a partner of such a man, this research might give you another reason to finally take some action to shrink the stomach (and we are not talking about liposuction)!

The researchers at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center performed a very simple study for the British journal: they measured waistlines of men and compared those to sexual function and frequent urination. They recruited 409 men, age 40-91, who visited the Institute for Bladder and Prostate Health at their medical center, and found a strong correlation between increased waistline and sexual/urinary problems. (Note the findings of this study also very likely apply to men of any age.)

First they divided the men into three groups depending on their waist size: big (>101 cm), middle (91-101 cm), and small (<91 cm). They found that 44% of the men in the big group had to wake up to urinate at least twice a night, but only 29% of the middle group, and 15% of the slim group of men. Regarding problems obtaining an erection, 75% of the big group, 50% of the middle group, and only 32% of the small waist group reported problems obtaining or maintaining an erection.

The reasons for the increased sexual problems with increased waist size they felt is likely due to hormonal changes resulting from abdominal fat, as well as diminished blood flow to the pelvic region in men with an excess of abdominal adipose.

Most important, perhaps, the researchers found that men noticed a significant improvement in their sexual and urinary functioning when they lost only 6 cm. of waist size.

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