• dicas de saúde 2

    Top health tips from 2014, Part 2

    Here are some of our top hints from our blog posts of 2014 regarding exercise; and healthy eating.

  • melhor dicas de saúde

    12 health tips for 2015

    This post lists the first 6 of 12 top health hints from 2014. Today the categories are women’s health and men’s health topics.

  • custos sistema saúde

    Which countries have the best health care systems?

    A New York based organization, the Commonwealth Fund, rated the U.S. healthcare system in last place behind 10 other industrialized nations. We explain why, and why there is some hope for the future. Also, readers comments so far on our current poll question about Brazilian doctors.

  • surgery

    Surgeries performed close to the weekend could present greater risks

    A large study published in the British Medical Journal showed that people having surgeries during the weekend had a 82% higher risk of dying within 30 days of surgery than those who were operated on a Monday. Also, later in the week was riskier. Of the weekdays, Friday was the most risky, with a 44% elevated risk.

  • protestos

    ProcuraMed supports the peaceful street protests

    ProcuraMed supports the lawful, non-violent protestors in Brazil who are demanding better health care, education, safe roads, good public transport, and safety in the streets. As an addendum, some background information is included regarding the issues that have incited the widespread protests.

  • punhado

    Can fist clenching improve your memory?

    A recently published study showed that if you want to better commit something to memory, clench your right fist for 90 second before doing the memorizing and to best try to retrieve a memory out of your brain, clench your left fist first. (Note this is for right-handed people; if you are left-handed, you would use the opposite hands).

  • Boate Kiss

    How to stay safe in a nightclub

    Some personal measures we can take when we go to a club…so we exit healthy and unharmed.

  • sonhar

    For successful resolutions: try dreaming

    Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Maybe some related to your health like: “I will start walking more” or…