• pernelongo

    Dengue fever and the World Cup

    Next year at the World Cup, outbreaks of dengue fever are possible. People in at-risk areas should take measures to prevent mosquito bites, and support public health measures to decrease the mosquito population.

  • febre amarela

    Good news about yellow fever

    Many foreigners have fear of contracting yellow fever in Brazil but the disease now is rare in Brazil. An effective vaccination is available, and the WHO has just revised their recommendations such that at-risk individuals only receive one shot in their lives. Booster shots are no longer necessary.

  • esponja

    Where the germs hide in your kitchen

    The global non-profit organization NSF International has just released a report detailing the areas in the kitchen (typically the dirtiest room in the house) where germs are most likely to hide. These areas for special attention are listed in the post.

  • curar aids

    Towards a Functional Cure for HIV-AIDS

    While there is still no HIV cure, researchers are starting to talk about a “functional cure”; meaning HIV positive people who undergo treatment, then some years later, stop their treatment, and despite that, they continue with a low virus count. The key to increasing functional cures seems to be starting the anti-HIV cocktail treatment as soon as possible. Frequent HIV testing facilitates early treatment.

  • HIV medicamentos

    HIV part 2—living with the virus and the cocktail

    The growing consensus is that the best treatment for anyone discovered to be HIV positive it to start treatment as soon as possible. Not only does this improve their long-term health, but treatment drastically cuts the risk they will pass on the virus to someone else.

  • HIV

    The history of HIV therapy “cocktails”

    HIV therapy has improved greatly since the beginning of the epidemic 30 years ago. While there is no cure, most HIV positive individuals who remain on a mix—or “cocktail”—of medications, will obtain long term control of the disease.

  • oraquick HIV test

    An at-home HIV test now available in U.S.

    In many ways Brazil has been at the forefront of the fight against AIDS, but the U.S. has done a…

  • bacteria

    Gonorrhea vs. antibiotics: who will win?

    According to the Ministry of Health, over 1.5 million Brazilians each year contract the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea. This alone…