• green tea health

    8 more health benefits of green tea

    Green tea is full of health benefits and we list 8 additional benefits including better brain function, better oral health, and lower risk of osteoporosis.

  • 4 bebidas saudaveis

    4 beverages with anti-aging properties

    We discuss 4 beverages with high anti-oxidant content—coffee, tea, pomegranate or blueberry juice, and red wine—and hints how to get the most benefit.

  • beauty products menopause

    Common beauty products may lead to early menopause

    A large study of over 31,000 women showed that women with greater exposure to certain chemical contaminants found in certain beauty and household products experienced menopause 2 to 4 years earlier than they would have without that exposure.

  • melanoma

    Do you know the warning symptoms of cancer?

    A British study showed that most adults age 50 or over were not good at recognizing possible symptoms of cancer. We present some of the more common symptoms that should alert you to get a checkup.

  • pele suor

    Research studies shows exercise reverses skin aging

    Canadian research involving mice and then human subjects has shown people in their 60s and older who exercise regularly can have skin of someone many years younger, and that even people who start exercising later in life can show these benefits.

  • botox

    Can botox treatments help depression? Interview with a dermatologist

    We discuss recent university studies showing a decrease in depression among many people who undergo botox treatments, and we interview a dermatologist about his experience.

  • tatuagem

    How to remove tattoos

    Tattoo removal techniques have improved significantly in the recent past with the development of various “Q-switched” lasers. Still, some tattoo cannot be completely erased, and there is the risk of scarring. Multiple treatments are usually required.

  • genero

    Frequent sex can rejuvenate

    A clinical psychologist presented a paper at the British Psychological Society regarding his results of a ten-year study which showed that people who had frequent sex tended to look younger than their chronological age. Other health benefits of sexual activity are discussed.