actions to boost your health in 2021

Nine simple actions to boost your health in 2021


Prevention magazine, one of the top health publications in the US, just published an article titled “21 Healthy Ways to Welcome 2021”. From their long list, we selected what we think are the very best. Here is our selection of the top nine hints, adapted from Prevention.

1) Buy a plant

Plants in your indoor space will help alleviate stress, boost mental energy, and help you think more creatively. 

One or two plants are probably enough. You don’t to make a jungle, as too much visual complexity can make you more stressed. If you are not great with plants, make sure you get plants that are easy to care for, in the location you want them. 

2) Paint a room or a wall a peaceful color

Life is full of so many uncertainties now, and many of us are spending more time at home. One way to lower stress there is to paint a room, or even only a wall, a soft, light, peaceful color. Science shows that relatively light, unsaturated colors (like sage green, pink, or light blue) are relaxing, and a light color will make your space seem bigger.

3) Get a check up

Many people have avoided routine doctor visits during the pandemic. This may be fine if you are young and healthy, but if you are older or with any chronic health conditions, a delay in getting a checkup could be dangerous in the long run. Especially if you have chronic health conditions, elevated risk of cancer,  or any chronic pain or symptoms that you suspect could be a tumor, you need to go in for a checkup.

4) Go outside

Activities done outside are generally much safer than activities done inside during the pandemic. Being outside gives you other benefits, such as natural sunlight and (hopefully) fresher air. The sunlight is good for your immunity and mood, and likely will help you sleep better at night. 

At least part of your time outside should be active. Brisk walking for 30 minutes a day is fine, at least as a start. 

5) Work on better sleep

Being around natural sunlight should help you sleep better, but you might need to take other measures to make sure you are getting enough sleep. Good sleep is absolutely critical for a strong immune system and for keeping your weight controlled. Not enough sleep equals more sickness and a higher risk of obesity, diabetes, and depression.

Good sleep is probably much more vital to your health than you realize. Some simple measures, as outlined here, will help you get better sleep.

6) Make an audio call

Most of us have old friends or family members we have lost touch with. Maybe we feel guilty, because in the past, they were so important in our life. Now, during the isolation of the pandemic, is the perfect time—or excuse—to reach out to someone or some people important in your life you have lost touch with. Call them. It’s much better than making a social media post to them. You will probably feel better about yourself.

7) Check your lights

Look at the lights in the rooms where you are in during the evenings, and in your bedroom. If the light is predominantly white, bright, blush, or bright, switch to “warmer” lights. You will be more relaxed which will also help you sleep better.

8) Train your core

If you had to choose just one exercise—beyond basic walking—that is good for your overall health, working your core muscles is probably it. For only a five to ten minute per day, simple (not necessarily easy at first) isometric exercises can firm up the muscles of your abdomen and entire  midsection. These muscles allow you to do everything you do once you get up from your chair or bed. Besides making everyday activities easier, a stronger core lowers your risk of lower back pain and injuries.  Here is how to do it. 

9) Be more picky

Especially if you are responsible for the lives of others, you may be overcommitted. You cannot say yes to every request. As a general life rule, it’s good to constantly try to move away from the people and activities that drain and degrade you, and towards the things and people that help you develop as a happy and successful person. Yes, helping others is one of the best ways for you to be happy, but try to learn when to say yes, and when to say no. You cannot do everything. Choose wisely!

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Save the hugs for 2021. Heaven can wait.

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