10 ways to reverse unhealthy habits

Middle age and beyond: 10 ways to reverse unhealthy habits


The Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit health organization based in Northern California, recently published 10 ways to improve your health after middle-age. The article was widely acclaimed and re-published in various US newspapers. We think this information might be interesting and helpful, so here is a summary.

1) Buy great walking shoes

Get a pair of very comfortable shoes specifically made for walking. If you haven’t walked much, start by walking around a block. Expand that to 30-minute walks at least 3 times a week. If you are already walking, set a goal to increase your weekly walking by 10%.

2) Practice your balance

The best way to avoid falls is to train your balance. A simple way is to practice standing on one leg with your eyes closed for 30 seconds.

3) Improve your breakfast

Avoid sugar-filled foods for breakfast. Consider a smoothie instead, made of banana, fruits, milk or soy milk, and maybe a protein powder such as whey. Experiment combining with coffee.

4) De-stress in a good way

Many people turn to food, alcohol, or smoking to lower their stress. Consider instead downloading one of the many meditation apps for your phone, and practice relaxation for 10 or more minutes per day.

5) Do resistance training

“Use them or lose them.” Unless you make the effort to do weight lifting with dumbbells or weight machines, your muscles will slowly disappear. Lift some weights at least 2 to 3 times a week.

6) Go to the floor

Regularly practice laying on the floor (gym or home) and getting back up again. It sounds simple, but is important. Many older people have a hard time getting up like this unless they practice.

7) Get faster

Try walking at a much faster pace, or engage in sports, such as running or bicycling, where you can challenge your speed. Challenging yourself with speed will help keep you younger.

8) Believe in yourself

Especially if you have had periods of depression or self-doubt after unfortunate events, consider therapy or counseling. At a minimum, believe in yourself, and try to surround yourself with people who believe in themselves too, and who support you emotionally.

9) Start a project

Is there a project you have dreamed of doing, but haven’t started it? It could be something like learning a second language, writing a journal or scrapbook, or planning a trip. Just do it, and see what happens.

10) Lifelong learning

Take a course or class at a local college or online. Your mind will stay fresher and you will be more engaged in life. Lifelong learning challenges your brain, keeps it from shrinking, and helps you keep connected and interesting with others.

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