Does Facebook encourage narcissism?

Over the last few years, a number of psychological studies have been published regarding the public’s increasing use of social networks, particularly Facebook. Today we will present perhaps surprising findings of a just-released study of narcissism and Facebook use, and on Monday’s we will explain a recent upgrade in our site that gives us better integration with Facebook.

And how that new Facebook integration facilitates a new feature in the coming weeks on ProcuraMed: A listing of doctors recommended by our users!


Previous Social Network Research

Previous research has suggested that people who use Facebook for many hours per day, post multiple status updates every day, digitally enhance their photos, and almost compulsively collect new friends tend to have narcissistic tendencies. But these studies still did not define if more narcissistic people are drawn to Facebook, or Facebook use makes people more narcissistic? Or perhaps both?

 The Latest Research

The latest research, released this week, from the U.S., and the Universities of North Carolina Wilmingon, and of Hartford (Connecticut), concludes that most Facebook users are NOT narcissistic, nor does it encourage narcissistic behavior. And as a result of social networks, the very definition of narcissism is evolving.

These research psychologists carefully studied the personalities and patterns of Facebook use in 233 college students. They found that even heavy Facebook use is usually just a manifestation of openness and sharing, and a changed concept of privacy. Particularly among younger people, sharing what you are doing is just the “new norm”, and not a manifestation of self-absorption or narcissism.

Digital sharing has become the standard, the accepted way to maintain relationships with people scattered across the globe. Lead researcher Bruce McKinney states “It’s acceptable to say ‘Look at me.’ Now, it’s the social norm.” The researchers say the only Facebook user who correlated with narcissism was the one who “amassed unrealistically large numbers of Facebook friends”, and that people who use Twitter to frequently tweet their activities showed narcissistic traits.

On Monday we will present here our new Facebook integration along with our new User’s Recommended Doctors feature! Have a great weekend!

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