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A solution for people who must sit for prolonged periods

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In our last post, we talked about the importance of not spending too much of your day sitting, and that you should ideally stand up and move a little bit or take a couple steps, every 30 minutes or so. But what if your job or circumstance doesn’t let you do that?

A simple solution was described in the September 23 issue of The American Journal of Preventative Medicine, and that is: fidget in your chair.

The British researchers examined the medical records of over 12,000 women, from 1999 to 2012, who were participating in The UK Women’s Cohort Study. This research examined how diet, exercise, and habits such as smoking, length of time sitting, and even level of fidgeting was recorded.

For the study, the women rated themselves as either low, medium, or very fidgety. At the end of the study, the researchers analyzed how many women died during the 12 years, compared with how fidgety they rated themselves.

They found that women who sat for more than seven hours per day and did not fidget much, had a 43% higher risk of dying during the study compared to women who were moderate or active fidgeters.

But the interesting thing is that if a woman was at a moderate or active fidgeter, but still sat for more than 7 hours per day, that she did not suffer a higher risk of early death. So fidgeting was somehow protective.

While this study does not prove the benefits of fidgeting, it is very suggestive, and it makes sense also that the person who moves in their seat more than average will also burn more calories during the day, even while seated.

So if you believe the researchers in this study, it is a good thing to make small movements with your body (such as bouncing your feet on the floor, or moving one hip then the other). Besides lowering your mortality risk, you will burn some more calories.

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