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11 healthier alternatives for Carnival

Last year, we published the ProcuraMed Healthy Carnival Guide. This year we recognize the growing number of Brazilians who don’t like Carnival. Here are 10 alternative activities you can do over this long holiday that are healthier than going to the mall or watching TV.

Even if you can escape to a foreign country during Carnival, you can try some of the things on this list. Choose one or several.

  1. Buy a book, preferably fiction

Fiction reading seems to invigorate the brain better than non-fiction, but reading anything is good. The important thing is to find something you WANT to read, not something you THINK you should read. Use caution if, before you sleep, you read on an tablet or phone.

  1. Mediate for 10 minutes for 3 days

If you can’t manage 10 minutes, do what you can. Boost your immune system while you clear your mind.

  1. Buy a few bars of dark chocolate (70% or higher cacao)

It’s great for your arteries, and serious chocolate has fewer calories, and a much higher level of antioxidants. Once you try, and appreciate what chocolate should taste like, you might not want to return to weaker chocolates again.

  1. Investigate an online class to learn a new language

Learning a new language is better for your brain than any video or online game, or crossword puzzles. Multi-linguals have a lower risk of dementia, and the more languages you know, the stronger will be your brain.

  1. Make a totally different type of music playlist

Another excellent and easy way to keep your brain sharp is to break your routine. Do common everyday things differently sometimes. Each time you do that, your brain has to work a little harder than usual, and gets stronger. It’s the same as with your muscles. For example, occasionally use your opposite hand when you eat. Or start cutting your nails in the hand opposite to your normal. If you make playlists on your phone or computer, make one during Carnival with a totally different type or style of music that sounds interesting to you.

  1. Make love

You will feel younger, your skin will look better, and as a bonus you will be healthier. No matter how old you are, only have safe sex and if you use birth control, use it correctly, always.

  1. Write for 3 days in a row, 10 minutes each day, about what is on your mind. Then hide or tear up what you wrote

 Research has shown that just a little writing, that no one else but you can read— about whatever is on your mind—can make you healthier. Particularly if you have a medical problem you have had a hard time solving, try this exercise. You might get a physical benefit.

  1. Try HIIT exercise

It’s a way to get more benefit out of aerobic exercise, in much less time. But it’s also more strenuous; so only try if you are medically healthy and cleared by your doctor. Many athletic people are hooked on HIIT.

  1. Buy something new and healthy like chia seeds, cumin, cinnamon, or white tea

Click on any of these foods to see why they are healthy.

  1. Try a healthy caipirinha

A caipirinha is a Brazilian drink made with limes, cachaça alcohol, and lots of sugar. It is full of calories and probably not very healthy, but there is an easy way to modify it to make something good, tasty, and healthy.        

  1. Find a nice dog or cat that fits your life

Having a loving dog or cat in the house should make you and any kids healthier as well. To avoid headaches later, do some homework to find out what type of pet will best fit your lifestyle and family situation. Carnival is probably not a good time to buy a pet, but a good time do some background research. You want a pet that you can devote the needed time to, so both you and pet are better off together:)

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