• Physically fit women less likely to develop dementia

    Physically fit women almost 90% less likely to develop dementia

    A study of 191 women over 44 years related the risk of developing dementia with their level of physical fitness earlier in their lives. The most fit women had a 90% lower risk of dementia.

  • running so good for women

    Why running can be so good for women

    Rarely do people pay attention to the more serious problem brought about by menopause: the gradual thinning of the bones. Running is one of the best ways for a woman to combat bone loss.

  • melhor dicas de saúde

    12 health tips for 2015

    This post lists the first 6 of 12 top health hints from 2014. Today the categories are women’s health and men’s health topics.

  • mulher correndo

    New research about breast pain during exercise

    The University of Portsmouth (England) has researched the problem of breast pain in women when they exercise, and they have published some online materials that should be helpful. Many women, especially those with larger breasts, note discomfort while exercising, but a well-fitted sports bra will help the large majority.