• artificial sweetener and weight loss

    Do artificial sweeteners help you lose weight?

    Canadian research shows that people who consume sweeteners are slightly more likely to gain weight, develop high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and have more “cardiovascular events” (such as heart attacks) than people who do not use sweeteners.

  • hints to control weight

    7 habits to keep your weight under control

    Here are 7 habits to help you keep your weight under control over the long haul. One hint is to include food that you enjoy in your daily diet.

  • Lifting weights helps keep your brain younger

    A research study on older women showed that women who performed weight lifting twice a week suffered less cerebral deterioration than women who did not.

  • frutas para perder peso

    Best fruits and vegetables for weight loss

    A large study from Harvard showed that fruits are better than vegetables for helping keep weight under control, and we discuss which ones are best.

  • mente na musculacao

    Secret of a good weight training

    People working out with weights often focus more on moving the weight or what is happening around them, but this will not give them the best results. You need to use the power of your mind-body connection instead.

  • ossos elasticos

    Eight tips for healthy bones — Part 1

    We offer the first four of 8 tips for healthy bones, including weight-bearing exercise, jumping, avoiding being too thin or drinking too much coffee.

  • arm biceps

    Five hints to get better results from weight training

    To get best results from weight training, first warm up properly, then mentally concentrate on the specific muscle you are working, keep breathing and ensure your form and positioning is correct. Slowing down significantly on the negative (eccentric) motion helps protect against injury and leads to more rapid muscle growth.

  • correndo

    Which is better for you: running or walking?

    Recent studies have compared the health benefits of walking and running. Running showed better results for losing weight. But for control of blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease, walking was as good – or even better – than running.