• weight lifting helps you lose weight

    Add weight training to help you lose weight

    Research just published in the medical journal Obesity suggests that an exercise program that includes weight lifting may be more effective for weight loss than a walk-only program.

  • HIIT for older people

    High Intensity Interval Training exercise for middle age and beyond

    High intensity interval training is a great advance in exercise, but many people find it too difficult to perform. A program of fast-slow walking developed by Japanese researchers presents an easier alternative, giving many of the benefit of HIIT without the strenuous exertion.


  • joelho

    Does running really lead to arthritis of the knee?

    Two recent studies published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise conclude that running does not lead to knee arthritis or increase the risk of ever requiring a hip replacement. In fact, running might help build stronger knees.

  • correndo

    Which is better for you: running or walking?

    Recent studies have compared the health benefits of walking and running. Running showed better results for losing weight. But for control of blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease, walking was as good – or even better – than running.