• Think less when exercising for better results

    Think less when exercising for better results

    An experiment at Cambridge University shows that during intense exercise, our body gives priority to muscles, not to the brain. It is best not to think too much during intense exercise!

  • rhabdomyolysis from extreme exercise

    A dangerous side effect from extreme exercise—rhabdomyolysis

    Rhabdomyolysis is a rare phenomenon, but it has become more common as people perform more extreme exercises routines. With this disease, muscles break down and send muscle protein into the bloodstream, overloading the kidneys.

  • gene homem

    How exercise changes our genes

    Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm performed a study showing how exercise changes the functioning of the genes in our muscles, and found over 5000 changes on the outside of the muscle cell gene after 3 months of exercise.

  • mente na musculacao

    Secret of a good weight training

    People working out with weights often focus more on moving the weight or what is happening around them, but this will not give them the best results. You need to use the power of your mind-body connection instead.

  • pilates homem

    Pilates in practice

    Pilates can be performed without specialized equipment, but more true than with other types of exercise, you should seek out a qualified Pilates teacher rather than “do it yourself”. Four Pilates myths are discussed, and Pilates is distinguished from yoga.

  • arm biceps

    Five hints to get better results from weight training

    To get best results from weight training, first warm up properly, then mentally concentrate on the specific muscle you are working, keep breathing and ensure your form and positioning is correct. Slowing down significantly on the negative (eccentric) motion helps protect against injury and leads to more rapid muscle growth.

  • Anabolizantes

    How teens are trying to obtain the ideal body

    Twenty years ago, it was fairly uncommon to see shirtless men in the media and on TV, but now it’s…