• ideal amount of exercise per week

    What is the ideal amount of exercise per week?

    Two large studies were done with the purpose of determining the amount of exercise per week that would be ideal to reduce the risk of early death. We list the percentage reduction for light exercisers all the way to extreme exercisers.

  • dicas de saúde 2

    Top health tips from 2014, Part 2

    Here are some of our top hints from our blog posts of 2014 regarding exercise; and healthy eating.

  • gene homem

    How exercise changes our genes

    Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm performed a study showing how exercise changes the functioning of the genes in our muscles, and found over 5000 changes on the outside of the muscle cell gene after 3 months of exercise.

  • mente na musculacao

    Secret of a good weight training

    People working out with weights often focus more on moving the weight or what is happening around them, but this will not give them the best results. You need to use the power of your mind-body connection instead.

  • bananas atletas

    Why is the banana so important for sports recovery?

    Bananas are excellent for post-workout recovery. They quickly replace lost calories, contain fiber and antioxidants; bananas may be healthier than sports drinks.

  • high intensity interval training

    A new trend in exercise: shorter and more intense

    Research has shown that people predisposed to diabetes or high blood pressure get better health benefits from 3 more intense shorter periods of exercise throughout the day rather than one longer 30 minute session.

  • creatividade

    You need some creative ideas? Go for a walk

    Research done at Stanford University showed that college students showed about a 60% increase in creativity after walking compared with sitting in a chair in a room. Companies and individuals can use this effect to their advantage.

  • pele suor

    Research studies shows exercise reverses skin aging

    Canadian research involving mice and then human subjects has shown people in their 60s and older who exercise regularly can have skin of someone many years younger, and that even people who start exercising later in life can show these benefits.