• life expectancy increases for HIV positive people

    Near normal life expectancy for HIV positive people

    A recent study in the British medical journal The Lancet showed that HIV drugs have improved so much that a person diagnosed now may live a near-normal lifespan with proper medication and care.

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    Towards a Functional Cure for HIV-AIDS

    While there is still no HIV cure, researchers are starting to talk about a “functional cure”; meaning HIV positive people who undergo treatment, then some years later, stop their treatment, and despite that, they continue with a low virus count. The key to increasing functional cures seems to be starting the anti-HIV cocktail treatment as soon as possible. Frequent HIV testing facilitates early treatment.

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    The history of HIV therapy “cocktails”

    HIV therapy has improved greatly since the beginning of the epidemic 30 years ago. While there is no cure, most HIV positive individuals who remain on a mix—or “cocktail”—of medications, will obtain long term control of the disease.