• exercise during pregnancy

    Exercise during pregnancy: what is best?

    The Journal of the American Medical Association has just published guidelines for exercise during pregnancy. Here are highlights in question and answer format.

  • measure your physical fitness

    A simple way to measure your fitness

    Generally, the better a person’s physical fitness, the slower his or her heart rate. Check out a simple way to measure your level of aerobic fitness.

  • exercise non-respnders

    If you don’t improve with exercise

    Research studies are showing that many people respond well to one type of exercise, but not to others. Here is what you can do if you are a non-ressponder.

  • ideal amount of exercise per week

    What is the ideal amount of exercise per week?

    Two large studies were done with the purpose of determining the amount of exercise per week that would be ideal to reduce the risk of early death. We list the percentage reduction for light exercisers all the way to extreme exercisers.

  • mulher malhando

    Exercise before sexual activity can diminish anti-depressant side effects

    Anti-depressant medications frequently cause annoying sexual side effects, but recently published research involving 52 women concluded that a 30-minute session of moderate-intensity exercise soon before sex improves sexual functioning and satisfaction.

  • sex exercise

    Sex and exercise: two big conclusions

    Sexual intercourse is very unlikely to provoke a heart attack, and a sexual encounter can be a significant type of exercise. Men burn about 4 calories per minute, and women 3 per minute, which surely varies from person to person and couple to couple.

  • arm biceps

    Five hints to get better results from weight training

    To get best results from weight training, first warm up properly, then mentally concentrate on the specific muscle you are working, keep breathing and ensure your form and positioning is correct. Slowing down significantly on the negative (eccentric) motion helps protect against injury and leads to more rapid muscle growth.

  • memoria

    Exercise and memory

    Regular aerobic exercise (even brisk walking) seems to improve memory function, but some people, based on what genes they posses, get more of a boost from exercise than others.